Bitcoin Soars to Historic High in Argentina After Pro-BTC Candidate’s Win

• Pro-BTC candidate Javier Milei won the primary presidential race in Argentina.
• Following his win, Bitcoin’s value against the Argentinian Peso surged to an all-time high of more than 8.4 million pesos.
• Milei is a staunch critic of central banks and his victory is seen as a rejection of Argentina’s entrenched political establishment.

Pro-Bitcoin Candidate Wins Primary Presidential Race in Argentina

A pro-Bitcoin candidate, Javier Milei, has recorded an unexpected primary win in the presidential elections held in Argentina. The election results show that Milei polled 30.1% of the votes, ahead of the other candidates from Together for Change and the ruling Peronist bloc, who got 28.3% and 27.2% of the votes respectively.

Impact on Bitcoin Price

Following Milei’s shock victory, Bitcoin’s value surged to an all-time high against the Argentinian Peso, exceeding 8.4 million pesos for 1 BTC – representing a significant increase from its previous all-time high of 6 million pesos set earlier this year.

Milei’s Stance on Central Banks

Milei is a staunch critic of central banks and his victory is seen as a rejection of Argentina’s entrenched political establishment that has long relied on centralized control over monetary policy as one way to maintain its grip over power within the country.
His primary win also serves to further cement Bitcoin’s reputation as an asset class increasingly attractive to those looking for alternatives to fiat currencies due to their instability or lack of purchasing power amid inflationary conditions like those experienced by many countries worldwide.

Growing Popularity Among Investors

In recent months, there has been growing interest among investors towards crypto assets such as Bitcoin given their decentralized nature and increased volatility compared with traditional financial instruments like stocks and bonds which have become increasingly unattractive due to low yields or increasing risk profiles associated with them due to rising global uncertainty levels caused by geopolitical tensions or economic instability in different parts of the world including South America where Argentina has become known for its financial turmoil in recent years .


The primary victory of Milei signals potential changes ahead for Argentinians both politically and economically as it could mean increased adoption rates for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which could provide much needed relief from traditional currency devaluation resulting from excessive money printing by central banks . It remains to be seen whether or not these trends will continue but it appears that more people are turning towards digital assets like Bitcoin as viable alternatives when traditional methods fail them .