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• Exchange withdrawals of Bitcoin have been on the rise since November 2022, with a drop of over 100,000 BTC in exchange balances in April 2023.
• Increasing exchange-related activity has the potential to increase buying pressure for Bitcoin as tradable supply decreases.
• Analyzing data from CryptoSlate’s latest analysis reveals why investors are pulling their Bitcoin from the market.

Rising Exchange Withdrawals

Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges have skyrocketed since November 2022, with over 100,000 BTC being pulled out of exchanges since April 18, 2023 alone. This has caused tradable supply to decrease and could potentially increase buying pressure for Bitcoin in the future.

What is Causing Investors to Pull Their Bitcoin?

CryptoSlate’s latest analysis reveals that investor behaviour is the main factor driving these exchange withdrawals. The data shows that investors are looking to hold onto their coins for longer rather than take advantage of short-term trading opportunities. This is likely due to an increased focus on hodling or long-term investment strategies as opposed to day-trading and speculation.

Increased Buying Pressure

As more investors move their coins off exchanges and into wallets, this could lead to increased buying pressure for Bitcoin in the future. This is because there will be less coins available on exchanges, meaning it will be harder for buyers to acquire them without paying a premium price – which could ultimately drive prices up further if demand remains high enough.

Potential Impact on Market Dynamics

The increasing trend of exchanging withdrawing could also have an impact on market dynamics going forward – especially with regard to liquidity and volatility levels. As fewer coins are available on exchanges, it may become harder for traders/investors to enter and exit positions quickly and at attractive prices – resulting in reduced liquidity levels and increased volatility within markets.


In conclusion, rising exchange withdrawals suggest that investors are looking towards long-term holding strategies rather than taking advantage of short-term trading opportunities – leading many analysts to believe that these trends could result in increased buying pressure for Bitcoin moving forward as tradable supply decreases. Additionally, this shift away from short-term trading may also impact market dynamics by reducing liquidity levels and increasing volatility within markets as fewer coins become available on exchanges.