CoinDesk Deal Ready to Close: $125M Investment on the Horizon

• CoinDesk is said to be in the final stages of a $125 million deal.
• Private writings from the months leading up to Alameda and FTX collapse have been uncovered in legal discoveries.
• Apple, Societe Generale, Terraform Labs have all made recent developments in the crypto space.

CoinDesk Deal

A $125 million deal between CoinDesk and an unnamed company may be in the final stages of completion. This news comes after reports that negotiations had been ongoing since February 2021. It is unclear at this time what the specifics of the deal are or who it involves, but speculation has been rampant about which company could be behind it.

Legal Discovery Process

In related news, private writings from Caroline Ellison that were written during the months leading up to Alameda Research’s and FTX’s collapse have been uncovered through a legal discovery process. The documents show that there were concerns about both companies’ financial health before their respective failures occurred. The information contained in these documents could potentially shed light on what led to their eventual downfall.

Apple & Societe Generale Developments

Apple has recently begun developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool for customer service purposes. Meanwhile, Societe Generale’s subsidiary recently received France’s first crypto services license from Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). This will allow them to provide cryptocurrency custody and tokenized asset services within France’s regulatory framework.

Terraform Labs Appoints CEO

Terraform Labs has appointed Chris Amani as its new CEO following Do Kwon’s departure earlier this year. Chris Amani previously served as Chief Operating Officer at Coinbase Custody and brings with him extensive experience in building secure digital asset solutions for institutional investors. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business..

ChatGPT Comparisons

An op-ed published by CryptoSlate compares ChatGPT’s capabilities against those of other emerging language models such as Anthropic’s Claude 2, Google’s Bard, and Meta’s Llama 2 on focused math reasoning tasks . The results show that while GPT-4 provided less rationale for refusals than its predecessor GPT-3.5 , both versions generated buggier code when compared to March versions due to extra non-code text being included .