Even Bitcoin haters are starting to join the crypto world

The growth in Bitcoin’s price has led to even haters of cryptomoney beginning to accept its importance in the market.

During its eleven years of existence, Bitcoin has been an extremely polarizing financial asset. That’s because, while those who have defended crypto currency have done so without reservation. Those who have been skeptical of its success have also been radical in their positions. However, now that cryptomoney seems to be headed for breaking the $20,000, even Bitcoin haters are beginning to join the crypt world, as Scott Melker comments in today’s Tweet:

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Bitcoin Haters Join the Crypto World

Already many are singing victory. After more than a decade of existence, Bitcoin is finally starting to be accepted as a financial asset all over the world. Leaving behind the fears that crypto-currency often raises in the markets. To receive millions of dollars from institutional investors like Paul Tudor Jones and companies like Square.

The growth in the price of BTC is causing even Bitcoin haters to start joining the crypto world. Source: CoinDeskThe growth in the price of BTC makes even Bitcoin haters start to join the crypto world.

The strong increase in Bitcoin’s price in the last weeks has had a lot to do with this process. It was the catalyst that allowed traditional investors to become interested once again in the operation of BTC. And, by proving the usefulness and security of crypto currency, to invest large sums of money in crypto.

This, of course, has significantly altered people’s perception of BTC. It has led even those who until now have considered themselves as Bitcoin haters, to start reconsidering their position and approaching the crypt world. In a dynamic described by analyst Scott Melker in his Twitter account:

„It has taken us years to overcome the insult of the Bitcoin haters and the legacy talking heads that protect their outdated systems and inferior assets. Now they’re lining up to kiss the ring. It’s our time. Join the movement or get out of the way.

Thus, Scott Melker’s tweet is the best representation of the empowerment experienced by the crypto world in recent weeks. As the recognition of Bitcoin’s value by large institutional players has led to crypto-users being able to directly challenge the BTC haters.