FTX Japan to Resume Withdrawals: Get Ready to Cash Out!

• FTX Japan announced the resumption of withdrawals for fiat and crypto assets on Feb. 21.
• Users must confirm their balances and transfer them to Liquid’s platform in order to process withdrawals.
• The withdrawal process may take some time due to the large number of expected requests from customers.

FTX Japan Resumes Withdrawals on Feb. 21

FTX Japan has announced its plans to resume withdrawals for both fiat and crypto assets on Feb. 21, according to a recent statement. This news comes after the exchange paused its services following the collapse of FTX in November 2022.

Users Must Confirm Balances and Transfer Them To Liquid’s Platform

In order for users to take advantage of this new service, they must first confirm their balances and then transfer them over to Liquid’s web platform in order for the withdrawal process to be successful. Those who don’t have a Liquid account will need to open one before proceeding with their withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal Process May Take Some Time

Due to the anticipated range of withdrawal requests from customers, FTX Japan warns that it might take some time for all transactions to be completed successfully and without issue. They added that they will announce further resumption of other services as soon as possible so that users can get back into trading as quickly as possible.

Possible Acquisition by Certain Investors

Certain investors have also shown interest in acquiring FTX, though no additional information has been released regarding this potential transaction at this time. It is unclear what effect this acquisition could have on user funds or how it might affect how FTX operates going forward if it were indeed successful in taking place at some point down the line.


Overall, those who had funds stored with FTX Japan should now be able to withdraw them via Liquid’s web platform starting February 21st, although it is important to note that there may still be delays depending upon the volume of customer requests being made all at once during this time period. In addition, certain investors are reportedly looking into acquiring FTX which could potentially change up how things operate moving forward depending upon what terms are agreed upon if an acquisition does indeed end up taking place eventually after all is said and done here..